Sean Brodrick – “Gear Up for the Energy Metals Supercycle”

Sean Brodrick
The Edelson Institute

Sean Brodrick is a natural resources analyst. He travels far and wide searching for small-cap values in the natural resource sector. Brodrick has been featured on many financial talk shows, including CNBC Squawk Box, Fox Business, CNN, and Bloomberg Market Line. He is a commentator on and the author of the Amazon best-seller The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide.
Sean calls the recent pullback in natural resources one of the best buying opportunities of the decade. It’s a great time for you to start following him in search of resource riches around the world. His dispatches have gathered accolades from investors and industry insiders alike. And now, he’ll be sharing his insights with you on precious metals, uranium, industrial metals… and the miners that are bringing these commodities to market.

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  1. Great presentation! How about a few companies to invest in???

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